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Welcome to Nyati Housing

Nyati Housing is a sister company to Nyati Sacco though it’s independently registered to Deal specifically with property investment. It was introduced to be an investment channel to our members. The purpose of establishing it was to provide members with shelter and livelihood

within the area of its operation at fair and reasonable prices together with auxiliary services such as road network, drainage, water and power including facilities for physical and cultural recreation. The objective remains noble and members are encouraged to join the Housing Cooperative Society.

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Registration Consist of payment of Ksh 1,000 Joining fee



Ksh 20,000 Share Capital payable in 12 months



Min contribution of Ksh 1,000 monthly and 200 Admin fee

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Welcome at Nyati Housing

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Members Are encouraged to continue making contributions so as when projects come up its easy to for you to be part of the project

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With Nyati housing as an investment partner,you are now empowered to build your future